Our Story

All my life, I have carried a bottle of water and a tube of lip balm. On holidays in beautiful Byron Bay, my family started thinking about the focus on natural ingredients. 


So many popular skincare brands are full of potentially dangerous chemicals such as synthetic Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate and Petroleum products.  This is a concern especially for a product such as lip balm, which can be ingested into our body.  Kids, in particular have a tendency to lick their lips when a product tastes and smells good!

Unable to find a natural lip balm on the market with the perfect texture, scents and pretty tints, we decided to try making them for friends and family at home.  The family kitchen soon became a lip balm testing zone!  



Juturna® lip balms contain only natural products which are non toxic and safe for lips.  They are beautifully silky soft and moisturising.  The scents we use in all our lip balms are essential oils.  All of the essential oils have been extracted using steam distillation, which involves no chemicals and nothing synthetic.  Juturna® tinted options use the mineral Mica which is considered to be safe and non toxic.  We tested many different recipes, scents and pretty tints. The kids now have lip balm collections which will last them a lifetime!

Our tints do not stain or put ‘long-lasting’ colour onto your lips, but instead give you a hint of colour in a shiny moisturising finish.  There is no need to look in the mirror to apply our lip balms!  This range of lip balms is great for both big and little kids alike! 

Our Name

Juturna® - how do you pronounce it?  Juh - turn - uh.  Easy!

Juturna was a Roman Goddess of fountains, wells and springs.  She was given control of a spring in the Roman Forum - the water from this spring was said to have healing properties.  We love water - drinking it, swimming, showering and bathing in it!  So it was fitting to have a name linked to this life force which is so pure and refreshing.